Voice and Data Cabling

If you’re company needs voice and data jacks you’re in the right spot. We pride ourselves in running clean and neat cabling. We make sure our cabling turns in 90 degree angles and runs straight to be as indistinguishable as possible. We know that cable is not what customers want to see, and we make sure that it is seen as little as it can. We cable tie everything to keep our cables tight and organized. Every cable is labeled at both ends so trouble shooting in the future is not a problem.

Cabling for Television Systems

Airwave started with satellite and RF Television distribution. Joe Nelson is known for his knowledge in how signal is lost and amplified using taps and other equipment. We have re-tapped most hotels in the Portland, OR area so that signal strength is as high as possible.

With High Definition being a new requirement for hotels everywhere we are going to see a new wave of needs coming. Most hotels will need to upgrade their television from Standard Definition to High Definition and the cabling will need to be inspected and possibly re-cabled. As you start to see this, give us a call to discuss your options. We are able to set up DirecTV, Dish Network, and Comcast services.

Other Cabling Needs

These are not the only systems that we cable for. Nearly every electronic system you could want will need some sort of cabling done. Audio and Video will need speaker and power cables. WiFi Systems will need cables to connect to the modem. Alarm and Cameras systems will need connected too. We are experts in making your system run smoothly, correctly, and as hidden as possible.